We are on your side

We provide 3 basic services based on transparent and competitive fees

Continued advisory (fees based on advised volume):
    • minimum 3.000 euros a year
    • between 500.000€ y 1.000.000€: 0,60%
    • more than 1.000.000€: 6.000€ + 0,20% of the amount exceeding 1.000.000€
    • Possibility tailor-made fee, based on a fixed forfait or performance fee*
On-demand advisory: 200€ per hour
Complementary services: to be defined

We always look for the optimal solution optimale in terms of cost

We control the correct application of fees according to negotiated tariffs with depositary entities

* We are not fond of “performance fees”: we consider that investments should be based on the Client’s profile and all the gains should be for the Client